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Director : John Wilder

Cast : Mark Gregory, Andrea Coldman, Angel Alcazar, Costantino Rossi, Pierangelo Pozzato

Versions : Italian colour

Running time : 86 minuti

Year of production : 1983


Were Adam and Eve really the first humans on Earth? After being thrown out of Paradise they are forced to face a thousand difficulties. But what astounds them even more is their meeting with beings that are completely unlike themselves. Their first meeting is with the Yukka tribe, who examine them, analyse them, and want Adam and Eve to mate with them to improve the race, but the couple succeeds in escaping and after many adventures run into the Kun tribe.

The Kunthas are more evoluted than the Yukkas, and already have a kind of communitary organization. One of them falls in love with Eve, and wants to make her his woman, and therefore breaks the community rules and takes her away. During a pause in their escape they aro attacked by Kuzamms, famished cannibals. The Kuntha and Eve are saved in the nick of time by Adam. Eve faced with a choice: life with Adam or with the young Kuntha. After the two men desperate struggle with a wild bear, Eve makes up her mind : love is stronger than anything else, and so she will continue her life with Adam. They continue their wanderings, searching for Paradise Lost, a place when they can settle down. Alter a number of adventures, cataclisms, attacks upon them by ferocious beasts, they finally find a quiet corner. The human species Is now on its way to evolution. The first peaceful contacts, the first bartering, and the discovery off fire. Five gives birth to her first son.