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Director : Jean Delannoy

Cast : Annie Girardot, Andrea Parisy, Odile Versois, Jean Claude Pascal, Philippe Noiret

Versions : Italian black & white

Running time : 98 minutes

Year of production : 1961

The writer Pierre LariviŤre, divorced from Madeleine Robert, from whom he has had a son, has married Edith, daughter of oil magnate John Kellerman. Kellermanís other daughter has an affair with the photographer Daniel Marchaud, who, on his part, is Madeleineís lover. Later, Daniel is murdered. Kellerman wants Pierre to build up an alibi for his daughter Daphne, who had actually been with Daniel that night, but declares herself innocent. By creating an alibi for Daphne, Pierre jeopardizes Madeieine, who had been with him that night. Madeleine is arrested, for the weapon of the crime turns out to be hers. Pierre finds out that Paul, Kellermanís secretary, is Daphneís lover and suspects him of being mixed up in the murder. So Pierre follows him, and discovers the isolated room where Catherine lives. Catherine is Keiiermanís third daughter, and she is mentally abnormal. Edith then reveals to Pierre that Catherine had been seduced by Daniel, who intended to marry her, for he wanted to take possession of the considerable properties the girl had inherited from her mother. Edith only cares for the honour of the family, and tries to prevent Catherineís giving testimony by taking her to a nursing home. But during the drive there, Catherine causes an ~accident, and both women die. Pierre now gets Kellerman to confess that he was the instigator, while Edith committed the crime. Madeleine is released.