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 6 episodes x 26 minutes

Colour - Betacam SP/PAL with M&E and Italian Tracks 

An in-depth analysis of the Bible which takes into consideration the historical, politcal-cultural and theological aspects in the opinions of famous theologians, including Don Amilcare Manara, the holder of the theological chair at the Catholic University of Milan, Italy, writers and archaeologists.

Using archaeological and scientific information, the series explores the cultures and influences which have moulded the Bible, decisively the most influential publication of all times and which turns out to be much more than a spiritual guidance. It is in fact a record of civilisations, a diary of Western populations during the crucial centuries in the history of mankind.

An extraordinary investigation of the origins and the background of the Bible including visits to some of the most inspiring historical sites of the world: Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey and those in Europe too. Sites whose names echo through mankindís history: Mesopotamia, Babylon, Thebes, Memphis, Jericho, Jerusalem, Ephesus, Costantinople, Rome and Alexandria . 

Episode 1 - The Bible and the mystery of God

Who are our patriarchs? Which was their true religion? Why did Moses and the Hebrews leave Egypt? What are the true characteristics of Judaism?

Episode 2 - The Bible and the mystery of a People

Why is the history of this people so intriguing? 


Episode 3 - The Bible and the Traditions

An in-depth view of the traditions which gave birth to the Holy Scriptures, the Temple,the Synagogue. How this religion was diffused.


Episode 4 - Jesus, The Focal Point of the Bible 

Who was Jesus? Are the Gospels credible? What do we know about the early Christian communities? 


Episode 5 - Culture, Politics and The Bible

The relationships between the Holy Scriptures and the political, cultural events of past centuries. Christianity in the Middle Ages, the birth of Europe. 


Episode 6 - The Bible in Everyday Life

The secrets hidden in the Bible which make the Holy Scriptures a precious spiritual guide.