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Director : Umberto Lenzi

Cast : Maurizio Merli, Mario Merola, Van Johnson, Biagio Pelligra, Laura Belli

Versions : Italian, English, neutral Spanish, M&E COLOR

Running time : 96 minutes

Year of production : 1979


Salvatore Santoro and other people are murdered in Rome, and Superintendent Giorgio Bern i Is sent to Palermo to investigate, because they suspect a mafia crime.

At the same time, the New York police detain Vito Ferrando, suspected of smuggling drugs. In Palermo, they discover that Ferrando is in fact Michele Barresi, the big mafia boss, but this also proves that he has an alibi for the crimes committed in Rome.

One of Santoro’s killers is Salvatore Scalia, a Barresi man, and Giorgio Berni has the difficult task of taking the prisoner to America to make him testify against Barresi. After many attempts to kill the vital witness, they finally arrive in New York where Scalia is killed, but Berni has a written confession in his pocket, enough to incriminate Barresi.