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The Shark Hunter 

Director : Enzo G. Castellari

Cast : Franco Nero, Werner Pochat, Jorge Luke, Mike Forrest, Patricia Rivera

Version : Italian, English, French, Spanish, M&E COLOR

Running time : 97 minutes

Year of production : 1979


Mike, the only survivor after a plane which had been carrying 100 million dollars in cash has crashed, lives on an island off the Mexican coast making a living as a shark hunter. His only aim in life is to recover the treasure that went to the bottom of the sea with the plane.

in Acapulco, he finds a trusted friend and a person for helping him, but they are hampered by Gomez and his gang. Donovan, a CIA agent, also sides with Mike and, after a series of adventures, Mike and Acapulco succeed in recovering the money by vacuuming it out of the safe-box the plane into a balloon on the surface of the sea. Gomez and his gang appear on the scene, with the result that the balloon is cut free and sails into the sky. After a desperate battle, the gang is overpowered, but Acapulco loses his life. The balloon eventually exp i odes, sending the money raining down upon the city. Donovan leaves, and Mike goes back to his island and to his profession as a shark hunter.