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Director : Mario Bianchi

Cast : Carla Brait, Femi Benussi, Gianni Dei, Magda Konopka, Luciana Turina

Versions : Italian, Castilian Spanish COLOUR

Running time : 100 minutes

Year of production: 1976



An apartment block with all its problems, the usual jealousies, the usual gossip. The concierge, Placido, constatly battling with the lift that doesn't work; the nostalgic Administrator with his worldly ways; the Lombardinis, a typical middle-class family; Antenore, a rather inconclusive anarchist; Eleonora, an ex-actress; and Lola, a rather extravagant painter. Lastly there is Mariolina, a maid, who offers her favours to young Paul Lombardini, with whom she has fallen in love. To add to this peaceful scene we have the arrival of Aminta, a young black maid newly employed by the Lombardini family. She is soon the centre of everyone's attentions, but while she pretends to encourage her admirers, she is laughing at them behind their backs. The Administrator throws a party in the secret hope of succeeding with Aminta. But Aminta ends up with Paul, to Mariolina's disgust. In the midst of the excitment, someone pushes the Administrator down the stairs and the police are called. But when the Police arrive, the Administrator declares that it was just an accident and that, in the appartment block, they all live in peaceful and perfect harmony! All this is confirmed by Placido, who has finally succeeded in understanding the lift, which he finds is not a problem of mechanical defects at all. It is merely that the lift, too, is a 'female'!