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Director : Roberto Mauri

Cast: Charlie Lawrence, Jack Berthier, Barbara Hudson, Andrew Ray, Louis Chavarro

Versions : Italian, English, Neutral Spanish, M&E COLORE

Running time : 96 minutes

Year of production : 1965


When Sheriff Bill marries a widow with a small son, he gives up his profession and leaves for another village to lead a peaceful life.

His place is taken by James, trained by Bill himself. However, no sooner has Bill left than a dreaded bandit, Colorado Charlie, appears on the scene with his gang, robbing the saloon and killing the new young sheriff James. The Judge calls for Bill and he returns. But life is even more difficult for him now, as his new wife has hidden his gun to keep him from temptation, and forbidden him to get involved. Colorado Charlie and his men are to lead Bill on a deadly and seemingly never-ending chase. But he finally catches up with them. And Colorado Charlie wants a man-to-man shoot-out - with Bill. Bill is desperate - his myth will be destroyed. He has no gun. He is the laughing stock of the village. Then his wife has a change of heart. She pulls his old weapon out of her bag. The duel is on! Colorado Charlie is a great gunman - but Bill is a fair match. As Colorado Charlie falls on his face, Bill knows that he has to return to his old village as Sheriff once more, but this time with his wife and son.