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Director : Alfio Caltabiano

Cast : Luc Merenda, Alf Thunder, Renato Cestié, Sidney Rome, Tano Cimarosa

Versions : English, French, Neutral Spanish, M&E COLOUR

Running time : 89 minutes

Year of production : 1972


“Così Sia” (Amen) is in prison, and there he meets a professor who trusts him with a plan to rob a bank where he has studied every possible detail, and in exchange he wants a percentage of the loot. Smith visits “Così Sia” saying that he is ready to take back the accusation which h ad sent him to prison: he has got to know about the robbery in the bank, and decides to join up with his old companion in order to be able to build a school from the money he would get. The bank is in a nearby village and on the whole, the plan that has been prepared isn’t so difficult The robbery is carried out by “Così Sia” and four “collaborators”, Smith, Topo, Nonno and Brigliadoro, and it is a success, as fas as carrying out the plan is concerned, but then the five men find out that all the money is false, and they quietly leave it in the hands of a brigand, Chaco, and his men; who have come in their turn to take their share. On going back to the village, Smith goes to see the professor who by now is dying and confides to him that the robbery at the ban k was very successful as the purpose of it was to cash the big insurance premium for the stolen money.