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Director : Raimondo Del Balzo

Cast : Michael Coby, Vincenzo Crocitti, Cristiana Borghi, Elisabetta Valgiusti, Monica Como

Versions : Italian, English COLORE

Running time : 90 minutes

Year of production : 1978


    On an idyllic summerís day a girls athletic association starts south. Their trip will include touring, sightseeing, and finally a sporting competition. Cheerful and light hearted in anticipation of vacation pleasures, none can foresee that what for some will be a holiday, for others will be a horror. Three of the girls decide on a delightful diversion from chaperoned guidance which provides itself in the form of an unoccupied villa on an isolated and private stretch of beach belonging to one of the girls family. They will later be rejoined by the group and go to the meet.They waste no time getting into the sea and the sun, revelling in the freedom and sensations of the season. Not unnaturally, they innocently attract the attentions of three young men. Or is the attraction more that of moths to a flame; for soon none of them will any longer be innocent.

   The girls initial reluctance to encourage their new acquaintants is overcome by the seemingly harmless nature of the encounter and their desire to squeeze as much fun as possible out of their limited time away from adult supervision. The girls welcome the strangers as their guests only to discover that they are, in reality, escaped convicts, fresh from prison, mean and desperate. Events take a rapid change for the worse as they become victims of the criminals deprived and de p raved lust Held hostage and ill-used, the girls only salvation seems to lie in their as yet untapped craving for revenge. But will their strength, born out of a fervent desire for vengeance prove to be a final solution, or merely a stay of execution.