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Director : Nello Rossati

Cast : Lorraine De Selle, Otello Belardi, Daniele Vargas, Giulio Cassani, Giovanni Materassi

Versions : Italian COLOUR

Running time : 90 minutes

Year of production : 1979


Aldo Muratti is a novelist. He writes a book a month, and they are all pornographic. His novels are sold in pocket editions by a publisher who is proud of his slogan: “Books to be read holding them in one hand only”. Aldo, however writes them with one hand only. The other he keeps pressed against his stomach to mitigate the pain his ulcer causes him. He has always dreamed of being a serious writer, but the pressure of modem life forces him to write pot-boilers. Whenever he can, he tries to insert a page of real literature into his pornographic works, but this page is always blue-pencilled by his editor who wants “no nonsense”.He has only one aim: profit, and literature has nothing to do with profit. Aldo is separated from his

wife, be must send hem a cheque every month, his son is an adolescent and grows so fast that he needs new clothes every two months, so Aldo has to keep on chumming out trash. His only amusement is that of observing the woman who lives across the road. By day she is a perfect “frigid” secretary, but at night she goes out on the town and comes home in the early hours of the morning.

Aldo begins to write a novel centred around what he imagines this woman to be. Then, one night, he meets the woman, they spend the night together and reality exceeds enemy expectation. Next morning when be awakes Aldo wonders where fantasy ends and reality begins.