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Length: 30 minutes

Colour - Betacam SP/PAL with M&E and Italian Tracks

In the 8th Century BC a mysterious people arrived in Tuscany, Italy: they were the Etruscans. Their origin and language are still unknown but they succeeded in handing down their cultural traditions and their expressions of art which testify their important position among the ancient civilisations.

The Etruscans gave Italy its first large civilisation which also had great influence on the cultures and traditions in Rome.

The Etruscans expanded their dominion from Tuscany onto the islands of Elba and Corsica, and through into Latium and Campania. They built many towns such as Volterra, Chiusi, Arezzo and Tarquinia where there can be still be found many of their imprints, alas now most in ruins.

Later they were overrun by the Romans and this incredible civilisation disappeared leaving many riddles still to be resolved.

The programmed depicts their life, history, religion and culture through the remaining artistic and archaeological evidence.

The most suggestive remains of the splendours of Etrusca are to be found in the necropolis where the daily environment was created over again to ensure the continuation of life in the next world.

Statues, carvings, handiwork and above all the breathtaking tomb frescos remain the only chance we have to study one of the greatest civilisations of the past.