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Director : Jacqueline & Colette Audry

Cast : Emanuele Riva, Beba Loncar, Rick Battaglia, Laurent Terzieff, Roger Coggio

Versions : Italian Colour

Running time : 90 minutes

Year of production : 1967

 The action is set in a South American village after a coup d'čtat.

The local Police Inspector arrests one of the girl rebels, and her sister allows herself to be seduced in orders that she may be freed. While a love story develops between the rebel's sister and the policemen, the revolutionary is irresistibly drawn to her seducer by a strong physical attraction. Complications arise from the fact that the rebel's colleagues suspect her of having betrayed them and revealed their secret plans to the authorities, since she was able to get out of prison so easily. Eventually, the revolutionary kills the policeman while he is waiting to meet her sister, and the two girls are forced into hiding.