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Director :  Mario Camus

Format : 35 mm Colour

Running time : 87 minutes

Cast : Raf Vallone, Lea Massari, Alberto De Mendoza, Manuel Zarzo, Carlos Otero

Versions : Italian COLOUR

Year of production : 1973  


Luigi Rubio, hero of the Spanish football league, returns home after having spent a long period of time in Latin America, as the coach of the football team in which he once played and that currently risks ending up in the third league. Thanks to his skills, the team, after a few unsuccessful attempts, soon recovers and ends the first half of the season at the top of the league. Rubio finds himself emotionally involved with Maria, the unhappy wife of one of the club's executives. Torn between his love for Maria, who wants them to run away together and his determination to end the football season, he begins to neglect his work, putting at risk the team's chances of winning the football championship, although it seemed that the team was destined to win. Rubio decides to abandon the team and runs away to France with Maria, but she changes her mind and leaves him. Rubio knows that the football team risks everything in their next match and he decides to leave the past behind him and although he goes against the rules he returns to coach the team. The team is galvanized and wins. Maria is amongst the supporters, confused but happy.