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Director : Maurizio Lucidi

Cast : Carmen Russo, Andy Luotto, Sonia Otero, Daniele Vargas, Giacomo Rizzo

Versions : Italiano, M&E COLORE

Running time : 93 minutes

Year of production : 1981


Celia is a beautiful girl, with all the curves in the right places. She does modelling for a magazine, but when the boss starts to get ideas, and wants her to model for ‘Men Oniy’ magazine, she decides to quit One of her friends suggests that she goes up into the mountains to get a job as ski-instructress in one of the hotels.

The magazine editor, however, doesn’t give up so easily, and sends one of his photographers - Frank -to go up and try to convince Celia to change her mind. At the same time, a lawyer sets out to find her, as Celia has inherited two million from a distant relative, but only on the condition that her morality has always been perfect.

Lawyer Thompson leaves for the mountains in his search, and eventually finds Celia, only to discover what her previous work was. On the strength of this, he wants to have her disinherited. He then becomes involved in a complicated scandal involving Celia, her friend, Frank and himself. In the end he has to climb down to save his face. Now Celia is free with her inheritance finally to be able to realise her great dream — she buys the hotel and is off a complete new life.