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Director : Massimo Castellani

Cast : Thomas Hunter, Gabriele Tinti, Marilia Branco, Helena Nathanael, Stefanos Stratigos

Versions : Italian, English, French, Neutral Spanish, M&E COLOR

Running time : 90 minutes

Year of production : 1971




In Europe, several jewel thefts are committed, but not the slightest trace remains of the thieves or the jewels. Tony Driscoll, travelling on board a ship for Athens, meets Jacqueline Morisse, a beautiful adventuress who takes advantage of Tonyís suitcase in order to pass part of the stolen jewels through customs. As soon as she arrives in Athens, she blackmails Erik, her boss, who then decides to eliminate her.  The frightened girl asks Tony for help and, in his attempt to protect her, he finds himself hunted by the police for two homicides Jacqueline and Pierre, one of the gang. Tony, who is in reality an insurance investigator, succeeds in tracking down Simon, Erikís right hand man. While following Simon, Tony passes himself off as a reporter, and meets Kira, the secretary of Professor Rousseau, an archaeologist. During the trip by boat with the gir1 who is headed for the excavations, Tony gets rid of Simon and installs himself in the camp. But Yanys, the Professorís assistant, is keeping tabs on him.

Using the pretext of writing articles, Tony does some investigating and discovers the existence of a laboratory designed for the transformation of the jewels. But he in turn is discovered and captured and shut up in a hut with Kira. In the meantime, Erik gives the order for their death. They are helped to escape by an unknown person. During the getaway Tony gets hold of a submachineógun and takes part in a fierce gunfight in which many of the gangsters are killed. But Erik trails Tony and Kira and corners them. Then, unexpectedly, a shot rings out and Erik falls down dead. The shot has been fired by Yanys, who is none other than a Captain of the local police In the end, when Tony and Kira are about to be taken away in handcuffs, the coup de theatre takes place: the real boss of the organization is Professor Rousseau!