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Length: approximately 50 mins

Colour - Betacam SP/PAL with M&E and Italian Tracks


Every year the competitions of the Rally Championship get more and more difficult for the driver and his car. 

The difference between winning and losing is a matter of seconds and sometimes even an expect fails to understand the reason for a victory or a failure.

Do Delecour and Auriol have a secret which makes them kings of the road? Why are Kankkunen and McRae are so fast on gravel? What different styles does Sainz use, depending upon which surface hes driving on? How do you drive a four-wheel drive in wet conditions?

For the first time the answers to these and many other questions are revealed in a fascinating programme, a true revolution in the world of motor sport documentaries.

By means of modern techniques and computer graphics the different driving styles are closely examined. At the same time the programme also offers a detailed study of the various ways of driving on the many different surfaces: gravel, tarmac, wet and snow.