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Director : Tonino Valeri

Cast : Franco Nero, Michel Costantin, Pamela Villoresi, Michael Coby, Emilio Lo Curcio

Versions : Italian, english, French, Spanish neutral +castilian , M&E COLOR

Running time : 105 minutes

Year of production : 1977


Jean, Karl, George and Hamida, engineers from IPC, the international Petroleum Company, are sent to Tunisia to carry out a survey for the construction of oil-pipeline. Terrorists from the "Third World Emancipation Movement" try to block their work, sabotaging the oil-wells.

When George is killed in a camp explosion set off by the saboteurs, his friends pursue the killers and manage to capture a man and a woman. However, they do not hand them over to the police, which would seem, from the way things turn out, to be a big mistake. From being in charge of the situation, they unexpletively find themselves prisoners of their former captives and become involved in the hi-jacking of an aeroplane organized to blackmail the IPC into handling over a million dollars.

However, not only do they succeed in getting out of the trap, but they are also to be the only ones to gain from the whole affair!