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Director : Raimondo Del Balzo

Cast : Michael Coby, Vincenzo Crocitti, Cristiana Borghi, Elisabetta Valgiusti, Monica Como

Versions : Italian, English COLORE

Running time : 90 minutes

Year of production : 1976



Andrew and LilIy have invited some friends to spend the week-end in an isolated villa On the first day one of the guests mysteriously disappears. It is discovered that the phone has stopped working. The tension mounts. Around the villa there is only a dark and frightening forest Out of the frees appears a terrible individual with only one eye and with a bloodstained butcherís knife in his hand. The occupants of the villa decide to flee to the nearby vi e but they find that their cars have been tampered with. One couple manage to find the old car which belonged to the guard who has also disappeared, and they set off to seek help. However, they are forced to stop on the road and are attacked and brutally murdered by the one-eyed monster.

The monster enters the villa, bringing terror to the remaining guests who, one by one, are to meet the most horrifying deaths.

In the end, only Lilly is left. She canít escape because all the doors are locked. She desperately calls for Andrew who is not to be found. She rushes wildly round the house which is now strewn with dead and battered bodies, trying to find a way of escape, but she is trapped by the monster. Then, suddenly, Andrew reappears. Lilly thinks she may be saved ó but is only to find that it is actually her own husband Andrew who commands the monster, who is none other than a poor subnormal youth from the nearby village. Andrew has arranged the whole thing from the start to cover up his true plan: the murder of his young, rich wife, LiIly