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The last angels

Director : Ezio Passadore

Cast : Natalie Delon, Philippe Leroy, Alessandro Doria, Flavio Colombaione, Fausta Avelli

Versions : Italian, english, french, M&E colour

Running time : 100 minutes

Anno di produzione : 1977



Elisabeth and Massimo have been separated for two years and decide to affirm their independence with a divorce. The person who suffers most from the situation is their son, Marco, who normally lives with his father in a beautiful, but lonely country house. Marco’s only satisfaction comes from riding his horse Socrates around the countryside, but Massimo sends the horse to his father-in-law in Sicily when, tired of solitude, he decides to sell everything and move into town. At this point, Marco, who has by chance witnessed the kidnapping and release of Gilberto, decides to flee an d pretend he has been kidnapped to gain his parents’ attention. His journey to Sicily, where his maternal grandfather lives, near Ragusa, is crammed full of adventures, but the boy makes it in the end, thanks to Rocco, a Neapolitan street urchin, who befriends him. Rocco ends up under a car, and this accident, along with the vicissitudes of Marco’s flight, bring the horrified Elisabeth and Massimo together: they rush off to the house of the wise grandfather, who, meanwhile, has managed to convince his grandson that life is beautiful after all, in spite of all the difficulties it involves.