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Director : Aldo Lado

Cast : Massimo Ranieri, Joe Dallesandro, Eleonora Giorgi, Pino Colizzi, Marisa Mell

Versions : Italian, English COLORE

Running time : 105 minutes

Years of production : 1976




Sandro is a poor young immigrant from the South, out of work and down on his luck. He finds a temporary job as a waiter and thus meets Pericles, a law-defying extrovert who lives on dreams of easy money and his love of motorcycle racing, in which he declares himself a champion. Pericles also suffers from occasional attacks of epilepsy. And he is a thief. Sandro is immediately attracted by the exciting life of Pericles and they join forces in a life of crime and thrills. Their first attempts at robbery fail, but one of their victims, Marzia, turns out to be the girl of Sandro’s dreams. They eventually learn of a possible big job through a call-girl friend of Pericles’, and succeed in stealing a large sum of money from a man masquera-ding as a priest, specialized in the illegal exportation of capital to Switzerland. Then they go into hiding, but soon become bored and decide to go to the seaside town where Marzia is. There Pericles decides to participate in a motorcycle race to prove to his friends how good he is. Just as he arrives first at the finish, he collapses, and Sandro thinks it is an attack of epilepsy. Then he sees the bullet wound! It is the revenge of the exporter who has taken back his money.

Sandro spends the next days, weeks tracking down the false priest, even temporarily forgetting Marzia. He eventually avenges his friend’s death and also gets back the money. He then wants Marzia back — but he can’t find her. All girls look like Marzia. The sea, the sun dazzle him and he has an affair with a girl just because she looks like Marzia. And when she asks him "Who are you?" he replies "a Born Winner — like Pericles used to be".