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3 episodes x 30 minutes

Black & White original historical footage - Betacam SP/PAL with M&E and Italian Tracks

The gradual decline of the absolutism of Nicholas II, against an ample, dramatic background that sees the military aristocracy set against the peasant masses from the dawn of the century until the 1917 revolution, through exceptional rare film documents on the traumatic switchover from the old to the new society, seen through its leading characters. On one hand, the imperial family, at the mercy of Rasputinís intrigues and destined to end tragically; on the other, the men who were to impose the Soviet State with force: first, Lenin and Trotsky, who are seen to emerge gradually from clandestinity to the peaks power; then Joseph Stalin, Leninís successor the iron-fisted builder of "socialism in one country only" in the twenties and thirties, along with the terrible purges in his own party. The years of the Second World War, the determined resistance of the Red Army against the Nazi invasion, the Yalta Conference and the occupation of Eastern Europe: these are the stages that witness the survival of the Stalin myth, until the Cold War. Then, with de-stalinization at the hands of Nikita Khruschev, along comes the "thaw", in which the URSS and the West still continue to co-exist in a state of delicate balance.