Crime doesn't pay or does it?

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Crime doesn't pay or does it?

Director : Giuseppe Bennati

Cast : Walter Chiari, Isabelle Corey, Carlo Romano, Mario Carotenuto, Carlo delle Piane

Version: Italian Black & white 

Running time: 

Year of production: 1958

Alberto runs away from an orphanage in Milan, and goes to Rome to see Marisa, his fiancée. Marisa~ s uncle, however, does not approve of their love affair. Since he cannot find a steady job, Alberto joins a group of loafers, who organize a pick pocketing session at the stadium. Their victim, however, a Milanese businessman, manages to discover the thieves’ names through a newspaper advertisement, and arranges for the stolen money — 100,000 lire — to be paid back, but the gang has already frittered it away. The pickpockets set to devising ways of replacing the money. Gianna, the gang’s brains, with the help of her ventriloquist uncle, tries to sell a “talking” dog to a peasant, but the police step in, and the deal fails. Pecorino has to mug a pretty tourist, but he falls in love with her. They then decide to rob a dancing hall, but the crook this time, a music buff, starts playing the drums, and forgets his task. Alberto, helped by Gianna, steals into the house of a rich jeweller, thinking nobody is in; but he finds a friend of the landlords’ there, and has to hasten off. When Alberto meets the pick pocketed businessman again, he has to confess that he cannot give him the money back. The businessman threatens to report him to the police, but realizes that the youth is not completely dishonest, so he decides to hire him as a salesman in his firm, to take the place of somebody who had tried to take him in. Having found a job, Alberto is able to marry Marisa.