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A love in Rome


Director : Dino Risi

Cast : Mylene Demongeot, Elsa Martinelli, Peter Baldwin, Claudio Gora ,Vittorio De Sica

Versions : Italian black & white

Running time : 103 minutes

Year of production : 1960



A young writer from a noble family now grown poor, Marcello, breaks off his somewhat boring engagement with Fulvia and becomes the lover of Anna, whom he met by chance. She is a third-rate actress vainly seeking fame. Marcello is jealous, restless, and suspicious by nature, while Anna is lazily amoral, touched only by a sort of vicious curiosity that takes her from one love affair to another, even though she knows well in advance how much they are going to disappoint and disgust her in the end. The different natures of the two lovers inevitably cause continuous arguments, followed by peace-making. But the girl does not desist with her periodical short love affairs, although she sincerely loves Marcello, in her own way. To rid himself of this unbearable situation, the young man resolves to leave Anna, and to relieve his sad passion, he links up with a friend of Fulviaís, whom he has not forgotten completely. The remedy does not work: when by chance he meets Anna, passion inflames their hearts. But their promises donít last too long. The girl arranges another of her miserable love affairs, and thatís the limit. Marcello turns her out of his house and personally takes her to a dismal third-rate variety theatre where the girl faces her ruin. And his good-bye, a prelude to harsh loneliness, seems to be the final one, this time.