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Director : Giorgio Bianchi

Cast : Dorian Gray, Gino Cervi, Vittorio De Sica, Renato Rascel, Didi Perego, Lelio Luttazzi

Format : 35 mm black & white

Running time : 101 minutes

Versions : Italiano

Year of production : 1961



In a small building near the barracks live a few officers with their families: Colonel Bitessi with his daughter, Valeria; Colonel Terenzi with his wife and son; Major Penna and Lieutenant Martucci, both bachelors. New recruits arrive at the barracks, and among them there is a group who wiIl be orderlies; De Acutis, finds himself in the Terenzi house; Osvaldo Donati, a shy young boy always under his motherís eye, finds himself with Major Penna; Santo from southern ltaly, who got married just before starting service, goes to captain Ronchi and Antonio is sent to Lieutenant Martucci. The events and happenings of the various people in the building get linked up. Major Penna is always tripping over Osvaidoís mother, who is forever poking about his house: Santo has found a way to get his wife Nunziatina into the service of Colonel Bitessi, and De Acutis, is in love with Valeria, and is always arguing with her father. Antonio Is in trouble: one evening, taking advantage of Martucciís going on leave, he invites his girl-friend Lauretta to the officersí house, but the lieutenant doesnít go and receives the girl instead of Antonio. Then the lieutenant makes a fool of Antonio and pretends he has spent the most wonderful night with the lovely Lauretta, thus making Antonio madly jealous. But at last everything gets put right. De Acutis and Valeria get her fatherís consent to their marriage, all the easier once De Acutis has shown himself to be a University professor. Santo has a bad fail, gets a long convaiescence leave and can go back to Nunziatina. Mrs. Donati marries Major Penna, and Antonio, in order to avoid further difficulties, marries Lauretta.