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Director : Walter Pisani

Cast : Dado Crostarosa, Malisa Longo, Patrizia Viotti, Giacomo Rizzo, Orchidea De Sanctis,

Versions : English Colour

Running time : 95  minutes

Year of production : 1973


A group of mountebanks arrives in a Tuscan village, and here the poet Cecco Angiolieri a member of the group meets an old friend of his, a prostitute. After having played a number of jokes on her, he meets Mother Lucrezia, who enquires how to get to the abbey. Cecco leads her to the local bordello, which in slang is also called the abbey”. Mother Lucrezia is set upon by the prostitutes, who strip her of her frock and her credential letters. At the convent she is taken for an impostor and imprisoned in a celi. Cecco, who has taken the credentials, dons Mother Lucrezia’s frock and attempts to enter the convent in the guise of the new Mother Superior. His ruse Is discovered and he is forced to take to his heels. Back among the mountbanks, he flirts with Dinda, the wife of Camillo. Then he goes to the home of the leading citizen of the town and succeeds in cuckolding him with his wife. Dinda Is now pregnant and takes refuge in the convent. Cecco takes advantage of this to attempt once more to make an entry, but he Is chased out once more by a group of nuns intent on giving him a severe lesson. Cecco manages to misdirect them to the leading citizen, who Is in the bordello, and they vent their anger upon the wrong man. After this last jest, and sensing that things are getting a little to hot for him. Cecco leaves the town in haste.