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Length: 73 minutes

Black & White and colour - Betacam SP/PAL with M&E - English and Italian Tracks


Almost half a Century after the fall of the Fascism regime, many Italian and foreign writers and directors have studied the Fascism era to gain better understanding of its mechanism and Mussoliniís real personality.

This programme offers the viewer the opportunity to take a unique often unknown look at the man himself: his private life, his role as a husband and a father.


The programme, conceived and directed by his son Vittorio, is based upon the memories and experiences of Mussoliniís wife: Donna Rachele. Vittorio Mussolini says: "I wanted to make this programme for two reasons: one is for my father, as I wanted to celebrate his centenarian, and one is a personal project. I wanted to tactfully present my father seen through my motherís eyes. I made this programme with her but unfortunately she was unable to see it finished".

this is the first time that Donna Rachele and Vittorio Mussolini speak about the man they knew as husband and father, the documentary appears to be an interesting family album, jealously hidden away for many years which presents new and personal documents. Naturally, there is also the chance to look at a controversial and much debated period of Italian history.