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Director : Tonino Ricci

Cast : Andrés Garçia, Janet Agren, Arthur Kennedy, Pino Colizzi, Cinzia Monreale

Versions : Italiano, Inglese, M&E COLORE

Running time : 95 minuti

Year of production : 1978



0ff the coast of Santo Domingo, Andrés Garçia, an expert diver who disappeared six months earlier with ali the crew of the ship he was on, is rescued. Lovingly helped by bis wife Angelica and his brother Riccardo, the young man’s health is restored, but he cannot remember anything about his six months struggle for survival.

When the ambiguous Mr Jackson offers him a substantial reward for the recovery of a case of documents lost in a plane crash Andrés accepts and begins diving op erations with bis partner Enrique. During one of their expeditions Enrique is engulfed by an underwater current. Garçia who has become aware of other strange happenings, goes on with the search and returns to the depths with Angelica. The plane is found and the case is on its way up to the surface, when Jackson tries to get hold of the documents and do away with the witnesses. The young man and his wife risk their lives a number of times, but, in the end, evade their persecutor and will have a good deal more than any others to say about the “cursed pit of the Bermudas” especially when the dormant sharks awake!