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Director :  Franco Zeffirelli

Format : 35 mm colore

Running time : 108 minutes

Cast : Marisa Allasio, Nino Manfredi, Paolo Ferrari, Lyla Rocco, Kita Horiuchi

Versions : Italian Black & White

Year of production : 1957




Tao and Valeria, a young engaged couple, decide to spend their holidays on an international camping site, and go there by motorbike. But Valeria’s mother does not want them to go alone and forces her son Nino to go with them. Before reaching the camping site, they get involved in various adventures: having pitched their tent in an area where the army is holding field manoeuvres, they have to flee; then they find themselves in a village during the fair, and take part in the strange happenings that are typical of this peculiar event. Finally, they reach the camping site. The local atmosphere favours petty arguments, spite, jealousy, and misunderstandings: Valeria lets herself be courted by a young man, who plays the lady-killer, and seems to surrender to his compliments. Nanni, the young man’ s cousin, falls in love with Nino. In the end, Valeria and Tao, after a furious quarrel, make up again. They go back to Rome happily with Nino, who knows that Nanni, in Florence, is thinking of him, and waiting for him.