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Length: 30 minutes

Colour - Betacam SP/PAL with M&E and Italian Tracks

A spetacular and fascinating journey through human evolution in Europe, from the Neanderthal man to the Iron Age.

The documentary includes a profound analysis of the remains of many old Stone Age sites in Europe. A presentation of the discovery of the famous Altamura caves in Spain which are considered to be the "Louvre of the Stone Age".

There is also a detailed description of the fabulous carvings of the Valcamonica in the North of Italy, an important archeological site where there are more than 70,000 primitive drawings. The areas is now protected by the UNESCO. The commentator is Professor Emmanuele Anaai, founder and director of the Camuni Studies Center in Valcamonica and he describes the full cycle of the history of carvings, from the arrival of the first hunters in the valley up to the Roman invasions.

These primative drawings, carved on the glacier-polished rock in a hidden valley to the North-East of Milan, for years had gone unnoticed. Nowadays, it is an important and decipheralble guide to the psychological and material development of early Europe.

An incredible journey back into the past. An absolute must in any documentary library.