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Director :  Paolo Heusch

Format : 35 mm black & white

Running time : 108 minutes

Cast : Totò (Antonio de Curtis), Andreina Pagnan, Linda Sini, Britt Ekland, Franco Fabrizi

Versions : Italian Black & white

Year of production: 1963



The very strict colonel Cavalli is pensioned off with the rank of general. At first, he tries to spend his days writing his memoirs, but after a short time, idle middle-class life makes him sad. To get him out of this humiliating situation his wife (who has a profitable job of her own) finds him a job in a building company, and pays his salary herself. The company’s managers, however, make use of the commendable name of the colonel for their speculation, and the man becomes so involved that he is almost jailed. His wife settles everything, as usual, paying out of her own pocket. The colonel has now nothing to do but spend his time in a sort of childish idleness, playing children’s games in the park.