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Director : Luigi Russo

Cast : Sabrina Siani, Fabio Meier, Mario Pedone

Versions : italian, english, M&E colour

Running time :  90 minutes

Year of production : 1981


Billy and Bonnie are two youngsters who, for different reasons, have embarked upon the same plane for Sydney, which crashes in the Indian Ocean. A few days later, the two end up on a desert island and begin their attempt to survive while waiting for someone to find them and take back to civilization.

After some time spent together on the island, they find they have fallen in love, but they also discover they are not as alone as they had believed. There is another survivor from the air crash, a giant like man called Shanghai. Shanghai wants to leave the island and take Bonnie with him, since he has also fallen for her. He builds a raft but, at the moment he casts off, the young couple succeeds in making their escape, thanks to a stratagem. Left alone once more on the island, they resume their former life, one devoid of problems and filled with love, but an animal bite almost causes their death. It is Shanghai, who has been saved by some fishermen who returns and takes them back to safety.