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Son of the tomb dweller

Director : Luciano Ercoli

Cast : Fred Robsham, Eva Czemerys, Pier Maria Rossi, Gabriella Lepori, Anna Fadda

Versions : Italian, English, Neutral Spanish, M&E COLORE

Running time :  90 minutes

Year of production : 1974


The Duchess of Cambise commits all sorts of outrages on her people. A mysterious dumb pilgrim, Damy, knows that the real Duke of Cambise is young François, whose mother, Christine, has been shut up in a tower and whose father has been murdered. A monk, Father Lebois, with a written statement, confirms the truth of this assertion. The Duchess of Cambise, when she discovers she is no more than the daughter of a servant, unleashes all her violence and eliminates all those who might petition Louis XV, king of France, to have her deposed. But Polly, the court jester, helps FranGois and his friend when the Duchess also has Elisabeth, Frànçois’ fiancé, kidnapped. After various ups and downs, all the bad lot end up in a sorry state, and the false Duchess of Cambise dies in the acid bath in which she wanted to destroy Elisabeth. François is acknowledged as the real Duke by the King and Elisabeth joins him in his triumph, all to the joy of the people, now free of the violence of the false Duchess.