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Director :  Alberto Lattuada

Format : 35 mm color

Running time : 103 minutes

Cast : Jaqueline Sassard, Raf Vallone, Raf Mattioli, Sylva Koscina

Versions : Italian

Year of production : 1957


Wealthy teenager Guendalina (Jacqueline Sassard) is a child of divorce. Oberdan (Raf Mattioli), likewise a teenager, is a boy from a blue-collar family. Escaping from the tribulations of her home life, Guendalina creates a dream world of her own, casting Oberdan as her personal Prince Charming. Despite parental objections, girl and boy fall in love. Interestingly enough, the relationship between Guendalina and Oberdan remains pure and chaste throughout their film, which is more than can be said for their parents. their respective parents behave with marked laciviousness. Guendalina marked the return to the screen after a two-year absence by filmmaker Alberto Lattuada, who pursues his characteristic fascination with pubescent sexual yearnings.