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9 episodes x 25 minutes

Black & White and colour - Betacam SP/PAL with M&E and Italian Tracks

This series took more than five years of meticulous research and the one single series encompasses all the space explorations which have ever taken place be they American, Russian or European. It offers the most updated descriptions of the space age from the very first launches of the V-1 to the most recent missions, including future projects.

Breathtaking sequences and exlusive NASA, ESA and Russian Space Film Archives footage make up this extraordinary series, which has received praise from NASA and is still broadcast as the Russian Space Agency’s official film during major events and exhibitions.

Episode 1 - From the Missiles To Man in Space

This episode includes rare footage of the V-1 and the first missiles post World War I. There is also Sputnik 1, Laika: the first animal in space, probes and satellites such as the Vanguard, the Explorer and The Pioneer. It also includes the first image of the dark side of the Moon taken by Lunik as well as the first meteorological satellites and the first man in space: Yuri Gagarin. (26 mins)

Episode 2 - From the First Flight in Orbit to Space Walks

America’s answer to Gagarin’s adventure in Space was Shepard and the first American suborbital flight. The episode also describes the adventure of the first woman in space: Valentina Treskova. As well as the six Mercury missions, the US automatic probes Ranger, Lunar Orbiter and Surveyor and the Soviet experience during this period. The achievements of new targets such as the Gemini project and the Voskod missions are also covered. (26 mins)

Episode 3 - From the Apollo Project to the Eve on Landing on the Moon

The Apollo and the Soyuz missions give birth to the Moon project. A challenge between two superpowers which will eventually see the US prevailing in Man’s most ultimate dream: the conquest of the Moon. (26 mins)

Episode 4 - From the Landing on the Moon to Apollo 17

This episode covers the adventure of the first man on the Moon: the incredible experience of Neil Armstrong. Together with more and more stunning footage from the various space missions from Apollo 12 to Apollo 17. (29 mins)

Episode 5 - From the Soyuz Achievements to the Space Shuttle

This episode describes the Soviet Salyut and the American’s reply: the Skylab, as well as the first joint event between the USA and the USSR: the Apollo-Soyuz rendevous. The incredible story of the space age leads the viewer up to the birth of the space shuttle. (28 mins)

Episode 6 - From Intercosmos Flights to the European Space Probe Giotto

The Intercosmos flights, the exploration of the solar system, the launching of the probes toward Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are the topics discussed in this episode. There are also breathtaking pictures shot from the European spaceprobe Giotto as it flew into Halley’s head in 1986. (23 mins)

Episode 7 - From the Spacelab Project to New Horizons

This episode covers the Spacelab project and on the threshold of science-fiction try to imagine how the futuristic space towns will look. The programme also asks scientific researchers to describe their greatest expectations. (24 mins)

Episode 8 - From the Spacelab SLS 1 to ERS and Meteosat

The Sun has also been the target of various space missions for example Ulysses and Shoho. Italy has also sent three astronauts to space. The programme covers the developments of the manned and unmanned experiments such as Spacelabn, EUREKA and MIR. This episode also reveals some of the mysteries of Venus and Jupiter uncovered with the Magellano and Galileo mission. The incredible discoveries of the Hubble Space Telescope. This episode also shows how the Earth is kept under control through more and more sophisticated Satellites for example: ERS and Meteosat. (23 mins)

Episode 9 - From the Mir Shuttle Rendevous to the Moon and Mars Projects and the Space Station Alpha

There are also new probes, like Clementine which study the Moon. Russia and the USA have also begun a long-term joint adventure, one of their targets is the Apha Space Station with the Shuttle-MIR rendevous. The programme also describes how the first probes conceived by man like the Pioneer and the Voyager have reached the edge of the solar system as well as the first dramatic launch of Ariane 5. Last but not least, the intriguing projects for the next millenium. (28 mins)