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10 episodes x 30 minutes

Black & White - Betacam SP/PAL with M&E and Italian Tracks


The years of Giolitti, the first strikes, the birth of the Socialist party. Benito Mussoliniís youth before and after World War 1.

The Birth of Fascism

October 28, 1922: the march on Rome. The King entrusts the establishment of a government to Mussolini.

Toward Dictatorship

The death of Matteotti. The Fascism era begins. Many initiatives to improve the economy and social benefits of the nation are taken.

Conquests and Records

The events and the successes of the Fascism era: the victories in the World Cup of 1934 and 1938, the medals won in the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, the sensational discoveries of Marconi.

Italian Wings

During the 20ís and the 30ís the Italian pilots achieved extraordinary results, for example Balboís flight across the Atlantic.

The Years of Consent

A view of many of Mussoliniís actions to develop the Italian economy and industry during the 30ís.

The Littorio

The Fascism party has the education of its young at heart. The Balilla and the G.I.L. - Gioventý del Littorio.

Ethiopian and Spanish Wars

Mussoliniís foreign politics during the 30ís: the conquest of Ethiopia and the Italian intervention in the Spanish Civil war.

Italy at War

The main events of World War II fought by the Italians on the various fronts.

The Social Republic

From the landing of the Allied Forces in Sicily to the death of Mussolini. The fight for liberation.