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Young Lucretia

Director : Luciano Ercoli

Cast : Simonetta Stefanelli, Massimo Foschi, Ettore Manni, Anna Orso, Paolo Malco

Versions : Italian, M&E colour

Running time :  90 minutes

Year of prodcution : 1974


Thanks to the intervention of Cardinal Sisto Di Monreale, the marriage between Lucretia Borgia and Giovanni Sforza is declared null and void, using as the excuse Sforza’s alleged impotence. Intrigues and mysteries surround the Borgia family. Cesare is in love with his sister and out of jealousy kills their brother the Duke of Gandia. He then departs to fight against the Sforza. Meanwhile, Lucretia gets engaged to Alfonso of

Aragon, but she is made pregnant by Pierotto, Cesare’s lieutenant and friend.

When Cesare returns victoriously from the war he kills Pierotto first and then Alfonso of Aragon, who by this time has already married Lucretia. The only hope for peace in the family is for their father, the Pope, to separate his children and banish them from his house.