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Laura, my father's wife

Director : Andrea Bianchi

Cast : Carrol Baker, Adolfo Celi, Femi Benussi, Jenny Tamburi, Cesare Barro

Versions : Italian, English, Castilian Spanish colour

Running time :  95 minuti

Year of production : 1976


Antonio Lenzini, a rich industrialist from the North of Italy, has married his second wife, Laura, a beautiful young woman. When Claudio, Antonio’s son, comes back home, a short-lived affair springs up between the boy and his step-mother, but it is enough for the woman to become aware of her personality and rights. When Claudio goes off again, Laura leaves. Her husband finds her and implores her to go back to him. The woman, who finally feels herself free, refuses; Antonio cannot accept the prospect of remaining alone for ever and kills her.