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3 episodes x. 30 minutes

Colour - Betacam SP/PAL with M&E and Italian Tracks

Three characheristic Italian environments. A series which required an extremely lengthy shooting time to catch the wide life and nature in their natural habitats.


The Countryside

The land, at ground level, has gone through many changes over the centuries. The age old woods in Europe have been replaced with farms and pastures and the trees are now in minority. This episode presents three different ecosystems: the countryside as a passage between woods and farm lands, the open country and the passage of water through the countryside. 

The Hedge

How much do we really see of the environment which surronds us as we live our frantic daily life? If we stop beside a hedge the numer of small habitants will truly surprise us. The spider, the mantis, the different kinds of birds, the butterflies, the lizard and the termite. 

The Lake

A lake has many different characteristics. The vegetation is the home of many different birds: the Coot, the Water Hen, the Heron and the Cormorants. This episode studies in detail the ecosystem of the lake focusing on plankton and its importance in the food chain.