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4 episodes x 60 minutes

Black & White and Colour - Betacam SP/PAL with M&E and Italian Tracks


Episode 1 - From Athens to Monaco

The most significant images , the most famous records, the greatest athletes and their legendary feats, when the Olympic Games where played by amateurs.

Episode 2 - From Montreal to Seoul

An exceptionally valuable programme which pays great attention to the spirit of athletics, the inhuman efforts and the extraordinary feats of the athletes, but which however brings to light the boycotting, the scandals and the inevitable controversies which surrounded these editions.

Episode 3 - Barcelona

July 5, 1992: the 22nd Olympic Games open. Christie and Lewis, Sherbo and Popv, the triumph of the Italian water volley team as well as the Italian gold medals in fencing and the terrible delusion of Bubka. An edition full of memorable events and emotions brought back to life through spectacular and exhilarating images.

Episode 4 - The Italian Medals

This exceptional documentary covers the story of the 22 editions of the Olympic Games from Athens in 1896 to Barcelona 1992. An incredible documentation which synthesises a century of Olympic Games and which pays particular attention to the incredible feats of the Italian athletes. A due tribute to the Italian champions and to an excellent way to relive the great emotions their victories ignited.