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Director : Mario Maffei

Cast : Gil Vidal, Maria Silva, Carlo Campanini, Ivo Garrani, Lilla Brignone

Versions : Italiano COLORE

Running time : 105 minutes

Year of production : 1963


Renzo and Lucia cannot crown their dream of love because a powerful local lord, Don Rodrigo, has set eyes on the lass. Renzo, taking advice from Fra’ Cristoforo, persuades Lucia to take refuge in a convent in Monza and he goes on to Milan. Meanwhile, Don Rodrigo seeks the help of the lnnominato, who has Lucia kidnapped and shut up in his castle. While visiting Cardinal Borromeo, the lnnominato belatedly desires to expiate his misdeed and is pardoned for all his wrong doings; his first gesture is to free Lucia and deliver her to her mother. The plague hits Milan, there are thousands of victims, and Renzo too is infected, but only slightly. Having received no news from Lucia, Renzo goes to the lazar house where Fra’ Cristoforo treats the sick. The good Father takes Renzo to a sback wbere Don Rodrigo lies awaiting death: Renzo forgives him. After much searching, Renzo finds Lucia among other convalescents and, while the two young lovers hug each other, under the benevolent watch of Fra’ Cristoforo, heavy rain falls and cleans the plague away.