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End of innocence 

Director : Vittorio De Sisti

Cast : Agostina Belli, Gianni Macchia, Ewa Aulin, Femi Benussi, Francoise Prevost

Versions : Italian, English, Castilian Spanish COLORE

Running time:  93 minutes

Year of prodcution : 1973


Erminia, aged 17, has grown up within the walls of her home and a strict college. lt is Giulia, her mother, who urges her to marry Antonio, a young and wealthy businessman. incomprehension lies between the two right from their wedding night, partly because of Erminia’s inexperience, partly because of Antonio’s brutal and aggressive ways. Erminia is unable to get on with her husband, and decides to spend a few days with her sister, who lives in town. Antonio senses Giulia’s hostility towards him, and in order to reaffirm his viriility, he turns the villa into a house of pleasure. Although she detests Antonio for his vulgarity, Giulia is attracted to him and before long becomes his mistress. Meanwhile, Erminia, now in contact with the superficial world of her sister, goes from one negative experience to another. She then decides that the lesser of her sins would be to return to her husband and passively accept his lovemaking. She returns home one night and goes towards their bedroom, from which she sees her mother leaving unabashed. Erminia calmy takes up the challenge, undressing in front of her mother to demonstrate her youthfull body and then enters the bedroom to take her rightful place.