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Director : Andrè Cayatte

Cast : Michele Morgan, Bouvil, Sandra Milo, Ivan Desny, Gerard Cury

Versions : Italian black & white

Running time : 92 minutes

Year of production : 1958


A disfigured girl marries a broad ruffian who loves her for what she is. Plastic surgery will change their life and change this sensible and cultured working class girl into a "femme du monde"... He does not accept it... she escapes him...
But matrimonial duties are strong and, remorseful, she turns her back to a mundane future and flies back to him. This movie is about solidarity, it is also about an intelligent woman's condition in an ordinary French milieu. Bourvil did not let her down when she was ugly, Michèle Morgan will not let him down because surgery miraculously turned her into a beautiful woman.