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3 episodes x 57 minutes

Black & White - Betacam SP/PAL with M&E and Italian Tracks

An audio-visual masterpiece describing one of the most controversial periods in Italian history. This fascinating documentary series fully chronicles the rise and fall of Benito Mussolini, including the rise of the Fascist Party and the war years, with dynamic footage of the war seen from an Italian perspective.


An unbiased and very effective commentary is combined with rare and much unseen archive footage to give a complete picture of this period.


The History of Fascism is an important tool towards a true understanding of this dictator and his empire.



Episode 1 - The Birth of a Myth


Commencing with Benito Mussoliniís restless youth this episode relates the rise to power of the Fascist Party. A comprehensive review of the events which led to the March On Rome on October 28, 1922.


Episode 2 - Years of Consent


Remarkable archive footage gives a thorough insight on Mussoliniís regime. The programme also includes coverage of the Colonial Expansionist policy, the conquest of East Africa, the alliance with Hitler and the Italian intervention in the Spanish Civil War.


Episode 3 - The Tragic End


A review of the Second World War and the critical conditions of the Italian Army. The Republic of SalÚ, the Civil War and the tragic conclusion of Mussolinís regime are captured in dramatic archive film footage.