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2 episodes x 30 minutes

Black & White and Colour - Betacam SP/PAL with M&E and Italian Tracks


Hitlerís Court

A new and suggestive picture of Hitlerís closest collaborators, that is to say Hess, GŲring, Bornann, Himmler, Speer Von Ribbentrop and the statesmen who agreed with their ideas, including Mussolini, as well as the only woman in his life: Eva Braun, together with interviews with Hitlerís secretary and his attendant Linge which bring the last days of the Third Reich back to life. 

Hitlerís Black Guards

A programme dedicated entirely to the SS, Hitlerís protection squad who are remembered not only for their acts of courage but perhaps above all for their ferocity and cruelty. The programme illustrates the rigid organisation, its political/law & order role and the part the SS played in the war. In fact, the SS is the only military corps to have been judged as war criminals.