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Director :  Mauro Morassi

Format : 35 mm black & white

Running time : 125 minutes

Cast : Vittorio Gassman, Anouk Aimée, Jean Louis Trintignant, Cristina Gajoni

Versions : Italian

Year of production : 1963



Giulio, an executive in a real estate firm, has a good wife, and a real friend, but feels he’s a loser, because he thinks that only money can bring happiness. Thus, sensing a piece of good business, he buys a plot of land on the Sardinian coast, undertaking to pay 10 million lire in three months. He accepts any compromise, and prostitutes his dignity to get the money. He achieves his aim, but remains alone in the large house he has built with the fruits of his speculation, without his wife, and without his friend.