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Director :  Stefano Vanzina

Running time : 100 minutes

Cast : Totò, Aldo Fabrizi, Katia Caro, Luciano Marin, Louis De Funes

Versions : Italian Black & White

Year of production : 1962  



Police-sergeant Topponi, of the excise and revenue police, goes to Mr Pezzella’s large fabric shop, to carry out a tax assessment. Following the advice of his “tax consultant”, Pezzella tries to corrupt the conscientious and honest sergeant, sending him big presents. He then realizes that the address he has sent the presents to is not the address of the sergeant, but one of his distant relatives. Having been informed that Topponi loves hunting, Pezzella joins him in perfect form one Sunday morning, but he causes so many troubles that the sergeant starts to hate him. On their way back from hunting, the two men have an accident, and are hospitalised together. Here, forced to stay together, they start talking confidentially, and discover that Topponi’s daughter and Pezzella’s son love each other. The sergeant does not approve of this romance, and, once out of hospital, he takes up his tax assessment again, and gathers exhaustive documents. Pezzella, who has good reason to fear the worst, uses a trick to get hold of the leather bag in which the sergeant keeps the records of the investigation, and the documents. Topponi is desperate, since he sees his career inevitably ruined. However, everything turns out all right: Pezzella, following the parish priest’s advice, gives the bag back to the sergeant, and the two come back on friendly terms again. So their son and daughter will see their dreams come true. And a way will be found to settle the problem of the fine to be paid, when it comes along.