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3 episodes x 45 minutes

Black & White - Betacam SP/PAL with M&E and Italian Tracks

An enlightening documentary full of unseen footage of the years when terrorism reigned in Italy. Called the "Anni Di Piombo", literally the "Years of Lead" in Italian. A historical revocation which reports with accurate footage and documentation the targets of the extremist fringe groups and the responsibilities of the political powers. 

Episode one: Terrorist Attacks, Kidnappings and Massacres

During the ‘60s the student movements, born in the States and in Paris spread through Italy, driven by the Communists. This is when the "Anni di Piombo" (the Lead Years) began and the consequent wave of terrorists attacks, kidnappings and massacres which literally brought the country down on its knees. The programme documents, from an overall view using in some cases unpublished material, the tragic events which filled the darkest years of the "new" Italy. 

Episode two: Piazza Fontana: The Anatomy of a Massacre

The Piazza Fontana Massacre on December 12, 1969 caused 16 deaths and numerous people were wounded and lead to a great deal of tension in Italy. Many thought it was the fault of the so-called "State Massacre", many blamed the extreme right-wing fringe groups, and others believed that the Mafia and the Camorra were involved. The programme takes an in-depth look at this massacre and the tragic events which are connected to it. 

Episode three: The Thirst for Terrorism and Power

During the night of March 14, 1972 the Italian billionaire Giangiacomo Feltrinelli was killed. Wiped out by an explosion whilst he was (non capisco cosa vuol dire qui - un milliardario lavora sui pali dell’alta tensione) in Milan. The left-wing extremists blamed it on the State, not only, they even circulated a series of documentaries to prove it but which were, naturally, totally untrue.

This programme is a unique study which unveils many buried facts of the Years of Lead and puts the spotlight on the responsibilities of the left-wing extremists.